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Employee Spotlight: Taylor Carr

Jun 29, 2021 | Employee Spotlight

Our world here at Weaver’s of Wellsville is very Central Pennsylvania focused, so we were taking a big leap bringing in our half-Australian half-Ohioan marketing and administration expert Taylor Carr. Despite her nearly foreign midwestern accent and insistence that scrapple is inedible, but vegemite is somehow a treat, she has become a great addition to our team.

When she had to move to Pennsylvania, Taylor was drawn to Weaver’s of Wellsville by the appeal of a smaller family owned business with deep roots. She describes the company as motivated, deep rooted, and familiar. Taylor is one of the driving forces behind our social media marketing efforts, and is also one of the friendly voices answering our phones. Her favorite part about working at Weaver’s of Wellsville is the “story time” from our longer tenured co-workers about the antics of our crew over the years.

Taylor is a graduate of the University of Queensland in Australia, and is our resident horse-enthusiast, whose favorite activity on her off day is to go for a ride. If she could be anyone in the world she would be Laura Kraut, the current #1 ranked athlete in Equestrian. If a book were written about her life it would be called “Oof… Ouch: Life of a Klutz”, which is fitting because her most embarrassing moment here was coming within inches of smacking Craig Weaver in the face with a door.

Taylor’s favorite blog is the only one she reads: this one! So we will leave you all with words of wisdom in the form of her favorite quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined”- Henry David Thoreau.

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