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Employee Spotlight: Abigail Hoffheins

Apr 12, 2021 | Employee Spotlight

When calling Weaver’s of Wellsville you should always expect a friendly voice. Often that voice belongs to Abigail Hoffheins (aka Abbs, Abbers, Abbricadabra), our inside sales specialist, food show coordinator, and all-around IT guru.

Abigail came to our company in 2016 from Nell’s Fresh Foods in East Berlin.  Abigail was first drawn to Weaver’s of Wellsville by the family feel and because the company is well known in the meat industry. She also recognized the company’s continued growth. She describes Weaver’s of Wellsville as eventful, testing, and prosperous. If she could be anyone in the world dead or alive it would be Waylon Jennings because “they don’t make singing talent like his anymore”. An interesting fact not many people know about her is she played the guitar for five years, which will certainly help when she becomes Waylon Jennings. When a book is written about Abigail’s life it will be titled “Yeah? What did I do now?” and the movie version of that book will star Angie Harmon as Abigail. If Abigail won the lottery she would buy a blue Hellcat and a matching blue Longhorn Ram 3500. On her days off she enjoys swimming, and her all-time favorite vacation was to Branson, MO.

Next time you call Weaver’s be sure to give Abigail a friendly hello!

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