LEGENDARY TASTE FOR 130 YEARS In a rapidly changing world, Weaver’s of Wellsville brings you home with the traditional flavors and time-tested processes of a simpler time. View Products CUSTOM-MADE DEER PRODUCTS Weavers of Wellsville offers a variety of old fashioned smoked products made custom from your deer. Learn More WHOLESALE JUST FOR YOU Weavers of Wellsville's Food Distribution program provides over 2000 products to 500 different stores. Learn More NATIONWIDE SHIPPING With our partnership with Goldbelly, we are happy to announce that we now offer nationwide shipping of our smoked meats directly to your door. Order Online

Since 1889

Taste Tradition

We pride ourselves in the Weaver’s of Wellsville legacy. Taste the difference that 5 generations of experience makes. We’ve refined and stayed committed to the skills and recipes that have been passed down from Weaver to Weaver through the years.

130 Years of Greatness
Perfecting our process and flavor since 1889.

Smoked with Real Wood
Enjoy the same flavor your grandparents enjoyed.

Our family welcomes your family to be part of our tradition.

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