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It’s All Relative

 It’s All Relative   Family businesses have been around since our distant ancestors first began practicing specialization of labor. It makes sense; what better way is there to find trustworthy individuals to enter into an endeavor with than to look at those you...

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Helping Build Your Legacy Since 1889

Weaver’s of Wellsville is proud to be a fifth generation family owned company. We have created a legacy of being a reliable distributor of fine products. Recently we held brainstorming sessions to identify the values our company exemplifies. We arrived at the core...

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Supplier Spotlight: Arianna’s Bakery

A strange thing happens in the food world as soon as the grills are cleaned up from Labor Day Weekend: the people of Pennsylvania develop an insatiable desire for everything pumpkin flavored.

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Employee Spotlight: Kyle Smith

The Library of Alexandria was known to be the most massive collection of human knowledge in history, but a close second is the mind of our inventory control manager Kyle Smith.

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7 Broods of Cicadas

Summer is finally here in central Pennsylvania. Walking around Wellsville there are kids playing in pools and sprinklers, horses seeking shade on a sunny day under their favorite tree, and the miserable, deafening, ear splitting cry of the Brood X cicadas.

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Market Days with Pap

One of the often-repeated phrases from my grandfather (that can be typed into a blog without upsetting those with an aversion to profanity and innuendo) is “the kids need to work in retail”.

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