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Employee Spotlight: Chris Quinchia

Jun 3, 2021 | Employee Spotlight

Much like the most important part of a sports car is what’s under the hood, the most important part of a company are the guys and girls behind the scenes. Today we want to highlight a coworker who is behind the scenes to our customers, but front and center to us. Self-described “warehouse box thrower” Chris Quinchia came on board as our first new hire following the COVID shutdowns of March 2020. His sense of humor and wry personality have kept our spirits up through some of our most trying times.

Chris is a loving father who spends most of his days off with his kids. He is a self-hating Packers fan whose least favorite food is Potted Meat. His biggest pet peeve is people that leave the toothpaste open. When asked what he has gained from this job be said “Muscle mass and a good work ethic”. When asked what he would change about this job, he confidently replied “I would make things lighter”. If Chris ever wins the lottery his first purchase will be Weaver’s of Wellsville. He refused to respond when asked if any of us would be allowed to keep our jobs.

In addition to throwing boxes, Chris spends the occasional Saturday working behind the counter in our butcher shop/deli, so if this post has inspired you to come meet this young man, affectionately called “Kahn” by his co-workers, come stop by!

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