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Employee Spotlight: Kyle Smith

Jun 16, 2021 | Employee Spotlight

The Library of Alexandria was known to be the most massive collection of human knowledge in history, but a close second is the mind of our inventory control manager Kyle Smith. For a small company, there is nothing more valuable than having the answer to any discrepancy in the inventory software a quick radio call away. Every few minutes throughout the day you can hear the radio chirp with calls for Kyle or loud booming calls for “CALLY-CO!” as he is known to his teammates.

Kyle was drawn to Weaver’s of Wellsville because it is a small family company that continues to grow in numbers. The most challenging thing about his job is keeping up daily energy levels. He has impressively never had an embarrassing moment at work. If he could change one thing about Weaver’s it would be that we aren’t reaching the masses often.

Outside of work, Kyle was the coach of a catholic high school basketball team for four years. On his days off he likes to relax, improve the house, and play disc golf. Kyle is known to be our resident Disney fan, who often takes trips with his wife Taylor to Disney World. His favorite movie line- unsurprisingly a Disney line- comes from Alice in Wonderland: “You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” Kyle considers any trip outside of Hanover to be a great trip, but it is on his bucket list to go to Hawaii or overseas. If he could be anyone from any time period, he would be an investor during the Great Depression.

We are proud to have Kyle as part of our team, and can confidently say our fill-rates are directly the result of his hard work and attention to detail.

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