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Employee Spotlight: Julie Williams

Aug 27, 2021 | Employee Spotlight

Weaver’s of Wellsville considers every member of our team to be family. In that family, the clear matriarch is Julie Williams. Julie has watched the office grow from three desks when she started here over 20 years ago to fourteen desks today. She is probably the most recognized voice on the phone here at Weaver’s. A fun story that is often told around the office involved Julie and Craig. One day Craig was visibly frustrated, shuffling papers around on his desk. All the sudden he blurts out “Julie, what was I thinking about?” She responded without missing a beat informing him he wanted to call a particular customer.

Julie was drawn to Weaver’s of Wellsville because she has known the family her whole life. She says the main thing she has learned at Weaver’s of Wellsville is patience, and to never stand directly in front of a door to avoid getting hit by a co-worker in a hurry. At work she lives by the quote “It is what it is”. In her personal life her motto is “You are the author of your own life story”.

On Julie’s day off she likes to spend time outside, cook, and spend time with her family. If she wins the lottery her two daughters would be debt free, and then she would buy a vacation home. If she could meet one celebrity it would be Princess Diana because she was known for her caring and devotion to others. We think many people in Julie’s life would describe her the same way. The next time you call in to Weaver’s be sure to give Julie a friendly hello!

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