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Supplier Spotlight: Arianna’s Bakery

Jun 29, 2021 | Our Blog

A strange thing happens in the food world as soon as the grills are cleaned up from Labor Day Weekend: the people of Pennsylvania develop an insatiable desire for everything pumpkin flavored. In New Holland, PA Arianna’s Bakery is ready to answer the call.

In 2002 Levi and Arianna Stoltzfus began baking in the basement of their home for local farm markets. As their business expanded, they realized they were making too wide a variety of products. They decided to focus in on their best-selling categories: cake rolls, apple dumplings, whoopie pies, and shoo-fly pies. They invested in a commercial bakery in New Holland, PA with state-of-the-art equipment for producing these items. Their products soon caught the attention of large customers in both the farm market and supermarket world. Before long Levi and Arianna were working around the clock with a full crew to keep up with demand.

In 2017 the Levi and Arianna retired to Georgia and sold the company to Melvin Lantz. Melvin is an experienced baker who grew up in a family that owns Sunnyside pastries, a mainstay at farmers markets all over Pennsylvania. Melvin has continued to use the same quality ingredients as the Stoltzfus’s including real cream cheese and the perfect amount of real pumpkin in their pumpkin rolls.

Currently, Weaver’s of Wellsville carries 11 items from Arianna’s year-round. If you see our trucks in September or October, you can be assured there are dozens if not hundreds of cases of pumpkin rolls on board. If you haven’t had a treat from this Pennsylvania Dutch mainstay visit their website today at www.ariannasbakery.com!

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